gina pero podcast

My name is Gina Pero and I am fiercely committed to helping others own who they are. I am dedicated to leading passionate, driven individuals live a life worth waking up for.

My values are grounded in family, faith, and fun. I am a certified professional coach, building a foundation with others to successfully pursue their dreams.

With twelve years of experience performing around the globe, teaching dance worldwide, and coaching exceptional talent, I have learned that standing in your presence leads your passion into purpose. My mission is to help others recognize that they can be seen, heard, and loved for who they are and what they love to do.

My path to purpose appeared when I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of twelve. Five years of my life were spent in a back brace. For sixteen hours a day, I was limited in my mobility, insecure in my mind, and fearful for my future. The only time I felt free was when the back brace came off for dance class. Dancing uplifted my spirit, shifted my focus, and gave me the chance to move. At the age of 16, I met a compassionate dance teacher who taught me how to own my physical structure and implement the principals of alignment. She recognized my potential,helped me quite my inner critic, and provided me with the proper training to ensure the quality and longevity of my dance career. With her as my mentor and mirror, we were able to accomplish a sense of self worth and confidence both in and out of the dance studio. Although scoliosis at first seemed like my worst nightmare, overcoming this obstacle helped me turn my pain into purpose.

Today I choose to share my knowledge, wisdom, and personal experiences with aspiring artists. I am devoted to coach these individuals along the path to their dreams helping them stay true to who they are. Through coaching, individuals achieve a heightened sense of self awareness, develop a vision for their future, and learn how to confidently take action towards their passion. What lights me up most about being a coach is seeing a young girl transform the struggle to fit in to the bravery to stand out. As I stand proud in my presence, passion, and purpose, I lead others to do the same.








BFA University at Buffalo

Certified Professional Coach from Leadership that Works (ICF Accredited)

Certified Simonson Techniqe Teacher

Ultra Barre certified with Teal Darkenwald

Hot Pilates with Elizabeth Steers

TRX certified

Trained with:

Dr. Irving Dardik

Michele McCoy

Beth Bucheister

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Reconnective Healing