Graphic of LOVE

Fear VS Love

Awareness by definition is knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Some synonyms are consciousness, recognition, realization, understanding, and appreciation. In my own words, it is being conscious of something in the present moment. My mentor Lynn Simonson taught me “awareness is the key to change.” I used to repeat that statement over and…

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The Path to Authentic Empowerment

Growing up in a small town, Batavia NY, was a perfect start to my path towards presence, passion, and purpose. Having a beautiful neighborhood and family around each corner, external love always surrounded me. What is external love? In my own words, external love is anything outside of myself that creates a feeling inside of…

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Presence is Key

Buongiorno! Good Morning from Olmedo, Italy, a beautiful quaint town Sardinia, Italy, a place I used to live. In 2011, God called me to travel to Sardinia to teach dance and coach women into their self-confidence. A former ballet teacher of mine Miss Lori from DavidDeMarie dance studio invited me to her home and dance…

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