How do we get started?

You can text Gina at 716-508-4462 or email her at Every person begins with a new client consult session. This session is 30 minutes and is $150. Gina will send you questions prior to this call.

How long do your programs run?

Each program has a different structure and amount of sessions. Each person or group has access to moving through the program at their own pace. Gina guides her clients on their journey and their process.

Who do you work with?

Each program is aligned for people who want to live an extraordinary life with ease, joy, and grace. Click hear to learn about the programs.

What does unlimited access mean?

Gina’s clients have unlimited access to her meaning they can be in touch with her at their chosen time and Gina will get back to them as she can. This is one of the greatest values in working with her.

What ages do you work with?

Ages can range from 8 and up, depending on the readiness and willingness of the person and/or group.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Each program costs differently and Gina goes over all of that after she has the initial session with you. Gina is very mindful in choosing what is a contribution to each client. Payment Plans can be co-created.

How do you work with clients?

Online, Phone, Face-time, Skype, and in person. Gina currently lives in Lake Las Vegas, her clients live all of over the world. You can take a trip to LLV to work with Gina in person and/or Gina’s clients will accomodate her travels to where they live. Gina speaks worldwide and she is happy to align those cities with her client’s schedules.

How do I contact you?

Text Gina at 716-508-4462. Let her know how you heard of her, where you met her, and what your interest is. She is very quick to respond.