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The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out

The Gina Pero Show inspires audiences worldwide to start living life full out with feeling. Her vast knowledge, valuable information and real-life stories create an experience that will ignite awareness into your heart and soul.

Gina Pero has turned her pain from obstacles such as a brain injury, scoliosis, and reverse bullying into her purpose in serving others.  Going behind the curtain to learn about her and others personal experiences, influences, and triumphs will empower you to take action on the life you really want. The Gina Pero show will feature dialogue from family, professional colleagues, industry experts, and celebrity guests as she goes beyond one’s achievements and into the journey each individual took to arrive at their current destination.

Are you ready to start living life full out?

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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Dave Pero: Father: Coach:Respect:Teamwork 6/27/2016 - 1 Listens
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My dad, my hero shares his life story taking us through sharing a bed with his siblings, to almost not making it as a child.He shares the importance of respect, integrity, and family. A man who lives each day like his last.
The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Teachable Moments and Tools for Life with Dave Pero 6/29/2016 - 1 Listens
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Father/Daughter Relationship: The road to success is always under construction: cristiscim is a step into growing: encouraging others is key: practice learning how to finish something: fundamentals are the key:

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Father/Daughter Relationship 7/01/2016 - 1 Listens
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Emmy Award Winner 10/24/16 - 1 Listens
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Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Emmy Award WinnerScott Levin joined WGRZ-TV Buffalo, NY in the Fall of 1998 as the 5, 6, 10 & 11 o’clock evening news anchor. Scott grew up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, graduated from Wayland, H.S. and then received his B.S. from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. After graduating Skidmore, Scott had a successful ten year business career in Virginia and New York City before he launched his journalism career.
The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Scott Levin: Teachable Moments 10/26/16 - 1 Listens
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Life Lessons from Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Man of FaithFather and Daughter Relationship: Relationship with God: Dance: Support: Family: Daily Tools to live a life full out
The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Scott Levin 10/28/16 - 1 Listens
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Q & A: Scott Levin: Dance Dad, News Anchor, Faith is #1

  1. What is most important to you right now as a dance dad?
  2. What lights you up the most?
  3. How do you keep up financially, mentally, spiritually with being a dance dad?
  4. What are 3 questions you would advise other dad’s to ask their daughters daily?