“ I choose the art of speaking through personal stories and specific topics to guide others in living an optimal and functional life. I choose to share this gift by educating and training individuals through a process. Every audience member leaves with a solution to start feeling better about themselves and their life. I create an open and safe space for individuals to show who they really are. For the past 12 years, I have been speaking to audiences world wide and I have been chosen to share this art with you. “ – Gina Pero
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Speaker Bio

Gina’s presence, passion, and purpose, as a speaker, support any audience to be who they are. Sharing inspiring practical content, Gina connects to each and every audience member. Providing a safe space for everyone to participate, Gina’s heartfelt approach touches lives. As a transformational speaker, Gina has toured nation wide, for the past two and a half years. Motivating audiences, in over thirty cities a year, Gina empowers many people to know they are capable of anything. As a host and producer of her own podcast show, The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out, Gina has spoke truth and information in over 67 countries.

Speaker Topics

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Overcoming Scoliosis

Gina Pero shares her story in overcoming scoliosis. Being diagnosed at age twelve, Gina experienced teenage turmoil.  She reveals how she overcame scoliosis holistically, one vertebrae at a time. Gina inspires her audience as a living example that anything is possible. From a S curve spine to the kickline performing as a Radio City Rockette, this childhood obstacle led Gina to living in her her presence, passion, and purpose.


  • Ways to overcome any obstacle
  • Feelings of empowerment, inspiration, and power
  • Knowing and understanding one’s body
  • Feeling that you are capable of anything and everything
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A Radio City Rockette’s Tale: From Kickline to Consciousness

Gina Pero speaks truth about her life changing experience as a Radio City Rockette. Amongst the many stories we hear of the glitz and glamour of the kickline, Gina’s tale adds another french twist. Unconsciously choosing fame, fortune, and perfectionism, Gina reveals her shadows beneath the lipstick and lashes. Experiencing a brain and spinal injury in 2009, Gina danced from the kickline into consciousness.


  • Learn fun facts about the Radio City Rockettes
  • Ways to love and accept your own shadows
  • A simple understanding of the brain and nervous system
  • Ways to heal brain injuries
  • Tools to heal yourself quickly
  • How to tell the difference between unconscious and conscious living
  • The power of the sense of touch
  • Fun facts about the brain
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What’s Your Gas?

Are you a high achiever? Do you constantly seek external gratification? Do you get burnt out doing what you love? Do you want to feel energized all the time? Do you want to know ways to maximize and sustain your energy? Gina Pero shares simple efficient ways to live optimally and functionally from the inside out. From her own experience in being a high achiever, checking off her task list, traveling the world, performing as a Radio City Rockette, and always wanting more, Gina felt burnt out and today feels joy. It took Gina time to know her gas. Gina teaches you how to know what you and your body need mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically, to live life full out with feeling. It’s time to fuel you one precious vehicle!


  • Identify you and your body’s needs
  • Learn what your gas is on all levels
  • How to build stamina correctly
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Anxiety Busters

Gina Pero was labeled shy as a young girl, and later learned she was empathic. From the age of four, until thirty, Gina experienced many moments of anxiety, fear, negative thoughts, and more. In her college years, she even went on medication for six months. When the medical field was unable to provide real life solutions for Gina’s lifestyle in traveling as a professional dancer, model, and teacher, Gina began walking a holistic path. Experiencing many holistic approaches to health, Gina gained insight, information, and truth. Today, Gina shares simple, efficient ways to live life with ease and joy. There is always a solution!


  • Clearly define anxiety for you
  • Ways to quickly transform anxiety
  • Simple, efficient daily tools to live with ease and joy all the time

Workshop Facilitator

Creating Confidence In You

Discover what confidence means to you. Find the essential confidence boosters that you need to elevate your self-esteem, self love, and life’s path. Learn ways to build the confidence in yourself and your life’s passion.

Ways to Enhance Life Performance

You will receive simply and efficient ways to live optimally and functionally.

Anxiety Busters

Learn the truth about anxiety and ways to handle it. Learn how to calm your fight or flight responder quickly. Learn how to live in a state of peace. This workshop will help you lower your stress and increase your vitality.

Communication Station

Learn the six key words that are in the way of communication and connection. Identify ways to create connection.

How to learn and retain quickly

Learn the tools necessary to learn and retain information quickly and efficiently. This will enhance your relationships, your business, and your career.

Work Life Balance

Learn how to balance your work and lifestyle. Learn simple and efficient ways to feel balanced in all parts of your life.

Empowering You

Learn what inspires and motivates you today. Identify the key components to your passion, presence, and purpose. Find your “why” in your personal life and professional life. Walk away feeling alive.

Fueling Your Life

Learn what your body needs for energy on all levels. You will learn how to maximize your energy after this workshop.

A Pathway to Passion and Purpose

Learn a process that you can use at any time in your life to live in your passion and purpose, and be on your chosen path.

Life Skills

Learn the skills necessary to live an abundant lifestyle. You will receive a self assessment that aligns with this reality.

Conscious Relationship

Learn ways to live a conscious life. This workshop focuses on increasing self love, self confidence, and self esteem. You will have a better understanding of yourself and others.

Time & Money

Break through barriers that you have with time and money. Learn ways to increase revenue and spend time consciously.


Learn how to deliberately create the life you really desire. Learn how to create clear intentions in all parts of your life.

Mental Strength & Endurance

This class provides you with ways to strengthen your mind, manage your thoughts, and regulate your emotions. You will also gain an understanding of the brain and exercises to maximize its strength.

Break Through Barriers

Learn how to break through fear, and anything in your way mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.