What kind of speaker are you?

I am a transformational speaker, each audience member will leave learning something new and will have shifted in their mind, body, or spirit. Click here to learn about Gina as a speaker.

What do you charge?

Rates Vary. Contact Gina at 716-508-4462 for more information.

How long do you speak for ?

Gina’s speaking range is from 1.5 hours or less.

Who is your audience?

Audiences: youth, adult, performers, teachers, business owners , entrepreneurs.

What is your message?

“Anything is Possible.” “You can heal yourself.” “Living in ease and joy can be simple.” “Standing in your presence, leads your passion into purpose.” “Pain is temporary.”

Do you train/educate/teach people ?

Yes, click here to view Gina’s breakthrough sessions.

Where are you based?

Lake Las Vegas , I do travel worldwide.