Simonson Dance Technique

I proudly received my certification in Simonson Technique in 2011. Created and developed by master teacher Lynn Simonson, the Simonson Technique is an organic approach to movement that prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent and somatically aware. The goals of Simonson Technique training are to eliminate the predisposition of injuries from previous misalignment patterns, develop and support the body in a way that allows efficient and free movement and to experience the joy of dance with longevity and wellness. My classes are a fusion of modern, jazz, and lyrical dance with an emphasis on the alignment of mind, body and spirit. I create an artistic space that is safe and open for all ages to feel comfortable and appreciated. In each class, I aim to remind students why they love to dance. After a brain and spinal injury in 2009, my ability to enjoy dancing was hindered. Simonson Technique introduced me to the complexities of the brain and nervous system, taught me safer and more efficient ways of dancing, and ultimately helped heal my body and spirit. It is with great passion and gratitude that I choose to share Simonson with my students, colleagues, and professional artists.

Six Principles:
Skeletal Alignment and Placement
Use of Weight
Use of Breath
The Body Mind Connection

Seminars and Speaking

As a teacher and speaker, I am dedicated to opening the eyes of others and encouraging them to recognize their truest selves, talents, and ambitions.

For the past twelve years, I have taught numerous dance and coaching seminars, worldwide. I have spread knowledge and wisdom with students at local dance studios and The University at Buffalo, Juilliard, Hobart and Williams Smith College, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, The American Academy of Ballet, UNLV, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway Dance Center, and Pushing Progress. I also had the chance to teach abroad in Italy, where I was able to exchange culture and information with international artists and students.

I take great pride in designing each class, seminar, and program to fit the needs of the studio, venue, and/or company. I am always eager to share the wisdom and

information that I have collected through my years of schooling and personal/ professional experiences with aspiring artists. As a teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to awaken each student to help them discover how to live in their presence, passion, and purpose.

I have long had a natural gift for speaking and have always felt comfortable and confident in front of an audience. I choose to share this gift with others by educating, empowering, and inspiring them through carefully chosen words. It has been said that “words are the life and/or death of another human being” and I strive to breathe life to all those who I address. I have been a spokesperson for The Radio City Rockette’s, on TV for Wingin’ It Buffalo Style, The University at Buffalo, and as a Paybac Speaker in the Clark County School District, here in Las Vegas. I share stories, topics, and motivational lessons to empower others to never give up. I feel blessed to have a voice in this community, especially in creating confidence in today’s youth.


BFA University at Buffalo
Certified Professional Coach 
from Leadership that Works (ICF Accredited)
Certified Simonson Techniqe Teacher
Ultra Barre certified with Teal Darkenwald
Hot Pilates with Elizabeth Steers
TRX certified

Trained with:
Dr. Irving Dardik
Michele McCoy
Beth Bucheister
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Reconnective Healing

Seminars and Programs