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Succeeding in the Business of Dance


This episode combines important lessons and tools on how to succeed in the business of dance. Adam Cates, Don Mirault, and Thomas Ralbate, share their knowledge and experience in working in the performing arts. Learn the skills you need to succeed, and know what’s expected of you in the professional dance industry. This episode gifts […]

Q & A: Inspiration through Cancer


Karen Turnbull: 1. What is a way that people can be affected by cancer but not become the effect of it? 2. What ways can you stay connected to God throughout any obstacle and/or cancer? Laurie Napoleone: 1. What is important about family and faith? 2. What is one way you moved through the darkness? […]

Inspiration through Cancer


This episode combines the stories and life lessons of three inspiring women whose lives have been touched by cancer. Laurie Napoleone, Doriana Sanchez, and Karen Turnbull show the power of faith and courage in dealing with a life changing diagnosis. Each of their experiences with cancer have led them to rediscovering their strength and the […]

Q & A: Teaching Dance with Impact


  Robert Contreras:   1. How do you yourself know what to bring to your students’ lives?   2. What do you do personally each week for yourself as a teacher?   Francisco Gella:   1. How do you define ballet in your own terms?   2. What 3 things do you believe have gotten […]

Teaching Dance with Impact:


This episode combines empowering words and lessons from alignment based dance teacher and choreographer, Robert Contreras, master ballet teacher, choreographer and artistic director, Francisco Gella, and master tap teacher, Mark Goodman. These inspiring educators share their stories of how they were introduced to dance and the impact their teachers had on them throughout their journeys. […]

Q & A: High Performance Achievement


Q & A: High Performance Achievement  1. What is it like moving away from home at a young age? 2. How do you know if you are training with the best coaches? 3. I have a fear of following what I enjoy, how can I work through that? 4. What is a tool to change […]