Embracing You

group coaching


Inside these experiences, the number of sessions offered is tailored to the group’s needs and the number of people in the group

While I have no doubt you’re an amazing solo act — there’s magic that happens when we move through this life together.

Because I know what it’s like to feel you’re stranded backstage in life:

  • Craving more connection to your fellow artists, but your crazy schedules keep you apart, and/or you’re just not sure who to seek out
  • Loving your art, and wishing to love your life, but both are wearing you out more than they’re filling you up right now
  • Wanting to step into the spotlight, make beautiful things for the world, and show others that it’s possible for them to do the same… but your stuckness is draining your desire to lead, and grow as an artist
  • Having so much love to give and energy to share with your students and loved ones, but being caught up in the cycle of burnout instead. You want to take better care of your body and mind… but how?

I know exactly how you’re feeling, because I’ve been there too.


Imagine what your life would feel like if you…

  • Had a group of loving, brilliant artists like you to support you in person and in an online community, to cheer you on, and make you excited to teach, create, and be more you in every day
  • Got your energy back, and fell head-over-heels in love with your life and your art again
  • Wildly inspired everybody around you as you began taking your creativity and vision to the next level with confidence and clarity.
  • Learned how to balance your life, work, and all you have to give better — so you stop frying your brain, and start cooking up brilliance for the world instead.

That’s what I’m here to help you and an entire ensemble of friends and/or co-collaborators do.

My group coaching Ensemble experiences weave together my experience as a lifelong performing artist, teacher, and Certified Master Coach, with my in-person retreats, hands-on workbooks and tools to help you deeply explore the life (and art) you most want to create, and exactly what you need to transform your life, work, and health.

With support from fellow participants (who you can “cast” yourself via invitation if you don’t want to simply join a group) on group calls and in your private online community, you’ll learn to release the weight of other people’s “choreography” — their expectations, ideas, and agendas for your time and creative energy — and design your own.

The result? More wildly successful projects. Incredible new or strengthened creative relationships. More freedom to do as you wish. More creativity, and inspiration from brilliant people just like you every single day.

And learning to dance to the beat of your own drummers — in unison.

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Ready to learn more?

Let’s hit the music.

The best part is: the “dance” of Ensemble coaching is tailored to its cast.

You can join as an individual, or gather your favorite creative friends and co-collaborators to move through a program together.


Ready to begin? Bring the group to the audition, or audition to join a group!

When your audition is accepted, we can set up your group Call Back Discovery Call to explore where you are, what you want, and what your next steps are.

Who do you want to be—onstage and in the world?

What kind of desires do you really have, deep down?

What kind of movement and nourishment does YOUR body really crave?

What will you create that’s going to light YOU up from the inside out?

Because when you uncover those answers… incredible things begin to unfold. And you open yourself up to guidance, to connection, to a spiritual lift unlike anything you could do on your own.