Ensemble Choreography

for teachers & studios


This experience is designed for teachers and studios who:

  • Adore what they teach - but are burned out and exhausted from working too many hours for not enough pay
  • Feel like they’re giving, giving, giving in the classroom and not getting much back.
  • Are passionate about what they do but aren’t quite sure what “their thing’ is when it comes to teaching, and want to hone their strengths and find their mission.
  • Want to feel like themselves standing at the front of the class, and feel confident they have a powerful message to bring
  • Desire to be a fantastically effective teacher, and not just share knowledge, but change lives.
  • Feel so connected and alive when they teach - and want more of that feeling.
  • Know teaching is a part of their purpose, and want to understand what that really means.”

What this coaching package includes:

  • group sessions with me via video call
  • Additional homework, resources, worksheets, videos, etc. as needed.
  • Emergency contact access, where you can reach out in between sessions if there’s ever a problem
  • A gorgeous welcome kit with goodies hand-picked just for you.
  • Access to the Just for Teachers workbook, my hands-on self-assessment tool. You’ll learn your strengths, go into your history to see what empowers you, learn your values, and step into what you’re thinking, choosing, and feeling in your mind/body/spirit.
  • Creation of your vision board or “medicine book” where we’ll write the story of your new future. Whenever you feel like you’ve lost your way, you can find your center again.

And at the end of our sessions? You will all...

  • Have a strategy for not only making great money for teaching, but enjoying every second of it
  • Turn teaching into an equal energetic exchange that fills you up -- instead of draining you
  • Feel deeply connected to youri mission and purpose as a teacher, and have your students feel the same
  • Become a “coach” in the classroom, and understand human development and human behavior on a deeper level than ever before
  • Develop your own unique teaching style, and maximize your impact on students, and the world at large

Ready to begin? Bring the group to the audition, or audition to join a group!

When your audition is accepted, we can set up your group Call Back Discovery Call to explore where you are, what you want, and what your next steps are.