David & Gina


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Friday, October 4th, 2024

6pm PST

It all Started with…

David Facebook Messaged Gina on September 13, 2016 at 7:46pm

“Gina, you dance beautifully.” 

Gina replied, “Hi David, have we met before?” David, “You were in my office with Minette, she suggested I take you out for coffee lol. Gina: I understand now and I love coffee too. David, Would you like to have coffee with me,” Gina, sure David, thank you. David, Great, are you free either Tuesday or Thursday? Gina, Next Thursday” I have training at 10am.  David, how does Tuesday sound.  Gina, I train at 9am. David, sounds like Thursday is better, how does 8:30 am sound  Gina, See you next Thursday at 8:30am. David, wonderful I look forward to having coffee with you, have a great week. Gina, thank you, you too. 

September 20, 2016 12:33pm

David, Hi Gina, Thursday still good for you? 

Gina, Hi David, it is, I will see you at 8:30am and will need to leave by 9:30am. 

David, ok sounds good. 

September 21, 2016 8:40pm 

Gina, Hi David, please excuse this late message however I need to take take a call from 9-930am tomorrow. Can we rain check for next Thursday possibly? David, of course have a wonderful night. Gina, Thank you David, this week had been stressful, I appreciate your understanding. See you next Thursday. David, I am unaware if you know I talk to my angels all the time. I got an awareness of the cancelling last night because you are busy and you are also an amazing person, I think I knew about the cancelling before you, rain check is a better word. 

September 22, 2016 1:07am

Gina sends David a couple of prayer hand emojis

September 25, 2016 10pm

David: Hi Gina, hope you are well, looking forward to coffee on Thursday. You are always welcome to come by my office, here if you need anything. 

September 26, 2016 

Gina: Thank you David for this sweet note, I appreciate your invitation and I am learning to ask for help 

David: Hugs Gina : Hugs

Gina: You feel like a kindred spirit David: 

David:And you are a pure heart, Here is my cell: 

Gina: Thank You

Our first date was September 29th, 830am at Great Grubbing….fast forward and we are embarking on our 8 years together in this lifetime. 

More stories to share as we “Stella-brate” in person with you…

Event Address

Friday, October 4th

 6pm PST


9205 W Russell Rd Ste 185

Las Vegas, NV 89148

Phone: 702-202-4291


There are many options for you and your guests to stay in Las Vegas. 

In the RSVP form, you will be asked if you are interested a room block. We have a way to get a unique room block at Green Valley Ranch  (20 Minutes from the event) and therefore we will need to know if you will need one first before booking for you.

We look forward to you finding the place to stay that YOU will enjoy as we know so many wonderful places. 

We are happy to assist!


The airport to fly into is LAS 

(Harry Reid International Airport, also known as MacCarran International Airport)

From Buffalo/Rochester, we suggest Southwest Airlines for a non-stop experience.

For those flying in elsewhere, Las Vegas is an easy breezy flight/drive in. 

Please let us know if you need any support for your travel needs. 


All of you know both David and Gina are not traditional…get ready to experience a delicious 5 star meal, extraordinary service, music to your delicate ears, and a loving communion blessing with our dear friend Dr Sandra Rose Michael….and more…

6pm Arrival

630pm Dinner

8-815pm – Blessing Begins Outside

830pm: Shake Your Groove Thing and Dance with Us


**All timeline flow may adjust, change, and/or pivot.** Your arrival at 6pm is important so for those italians coming, think 530pm..

We suggest casual/fancy attire. No white or Black colors please and no perfumes, colognes, or oils.

Filll out the RSVP Form by June 22, 2024

We would LOVE your unique approach to photos/video and will offer a QR code for you to upload yours. We ask you to refrain from Social Media Posting until we tag you in our own media teams creations. During our Blessing with all of you and Dr Sandra Rose Michael , who is our Sacred Guide joining our communion in love, we ASK no phones be present. Thank You. 

Our experience will be both indoors and outdoors. We suggest checking the weather and wearing shoes that you feel comfortable and bring flats if you prefer.

Yes, a huge parking lot, or we suggest an UBER/LYFT to and from.

We are open on those days for guests to visit our Holistic Center, experience Las Vegas if you haven’t been here before, and/or be in the flow of what’s possible. We would like to extend our wellness center as our gift to you to come and experience something. During thursday october 3, october 4 during the day, and saturday, and Monday, we will have our center open for our family friends to come in. You will text 702-352-3021 and let Lily know you are our guests and she will set you up with some magic. 

We know that most of you are traveling in from out of town and we receive that as a gift, truly, we feel blessed to celebrate with each of you that can attend in person. At this time, if you feel like you would like to contribute in another way, our mailing address is : David Stella and Gina Pero

2764 N Green Valley PKWY

Suite 250

Henderson NV 89014.

We have created a Vegas Fun on our site with links, places to eat, and more for your interest while you are here. Feel free to also ASK, and we can best direct you. We want YOU to enjoy Las Vegas and experience JOY in the way you want to while joining us.

You can download the UBER/LYFT App for travel and/or rent a car, we suggest TURO App. If you need any help, let us know. 

Las Vegas Fun

We welcome you to come in and experience a machine or two on us. Call/Text Lily 702-352-3021 and let her know you are in for our Stella-Bration.

Vegas.com is the place to check out what shows are playing while you are in town. If you need any help, we can assist you.

Gina and Davids Favorites

Trattoria Italia


Todds Unique Dining


Double Zero Pizza


Harlo Steakhouse


Table 34







A webpage/link that has alot of information for all ages and all things.