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Gina Pero has been experiencing and guiding herself and others into a present, passionate, and purposeful lifestyle through the art of speaking and coaching. From a small town, at a young age, Gina was given the spirit to dance. At the age of twelve Gina discovered the benefits of dance, vision, prayer, and a holistic approach to life, in choosing to overcoming scoliosis. This led Gina to live her dreams, performing, teaching, and speaking around the globe. Throughout Gina’s life, being labeled shy was later discovered as empathic. Navigating a lifestyle choosing fear, anxiety, body image, insecurity, and indecisiveness, Gina had no idea of the effect of embodying energy that was not hers. In 2009, Gina received a brain and spinal injury while performing as a Radio City Rockette. This was the wake up call she needed to start living a conscious life.

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