Embracing You!

TEACHING EMPATHIC CREATIVES AND ACHIEVERS to design their unique approach to work, play, and art—and connect to their divine source of creativity.

It’s time to stop performing someone else’s steps, and embrace your own—in a beautiful dance with the universe.

Get your hands on The Essential Ingredient to begin embracing you

For empathic achievers, creatives, and artists whose ultra-productive lifestyles have left them burned out and stressed out.

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My dear friend,

I know exactly what it’s like to be a highly sensitive soul. You are high-performing, highly-creative person and still feel…

Burned out and constantly stressed—even if you think you “should” love your work and life.

Isolated and disconnected from spirit and loved ones because you think “I’m too busy” or “I’ve just gotta finish…” or “I don’t fit in.”

Picked on, for both the things you excel at, and the things you struggle with—no matter how kind or polite you are.

Emotionally exhausted, as your empathetic nature keeps you in “caretaker mode” 24/7.

Struggling with confidence, and potentially addictive behaviors as you try to keep up with yourself and others’ expectations.

(Almost) out of love with your art, because you can’t seem to live up to the standards you set for yourself and perfectionista is running the show!

This is probably the part where you think I’ll say:

“You just need to add these new habits, rituals, and routines to your already crazy-schedule…”

But I’m not here to give you another to-do list.

I’m here to guide you as you embrace and design your life, relationships, health, body, vision, success, and so much more—and be in tune and in step with the gorgeous dance of your extraordinary existence.

And even better? You don’t have to do it alone.

Find out what’s possible when you start co-creating your life’s choreography with the support of something greater than yourself.


I’m Gina Pero.

Since 2011, I’ve been weaving my lifelong experience of expression as a professional dancer and teacher with my skills as a Certified Master Life Coach to support creatives just like you as they move from other people’s plans, ideals, and “choreography” keeping them stuck — and embrace the most powerful, creative, unapologetic versions of themselves.

But wait—what does embracing you even mean?

It means treating your day-to-day experiences as a way to be more in tune with your art, and your heart.

It means developing beautiful routines in your daily life — from your creative process, to your commute, your mornings, and even your daily communications.

It means showing you how you create the space and design the steps (and even the music) that represent the way you want to walk, contribute, and be in the world.

And it’s helping you to do all of this with joy, ease and trust through connecting to something bigger, greater, more. To know that you are not alone in the magnificent manifestation of your life.


Because when you begin
to embrace your life…

You raise your
energy and confidence,

and experience more joy, freedom and abundance every day.

You’re more
present and connected

and can hear your divine messages, wise whispers and knowing nudges

You listen
more to yourself,

and choose people who love you—instead of letting your bullies run the show.

You (finally)
stop people-pleasing,

and set loving boundaries, that free you up to honor yourself and your body first.

You break
addictive cycles,

and transform the anxiety and stress keeping you stuck.

And you start
unconditionally loving
your art & yourself

because you’re no longer caught up in what other people think of it.


So the only question left is:

Are you ready to hit the music and learn the first step?


Here are a few ways to create and connect with me:


I’d love to direct your team or audience to embrace their life - both in and out of the workplace.


Hands-on mentorship to teach high performing creatives and emerging artists move with ease and joy to their next level of success, joy, and radiant health.


Ready to hit the music right now?


for empathic achievers, creatives, and artists whose ultra-productive lifestyles have left them burned out and stressed out.

a-5, 6, 7, 8!

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Gina Pero is one of the select few artists and educators that understand how the arts connect us to our humanity to make us decent human beings. She uses a passionate dance philosophy to inspire emerging artists to find their unique identity as performing artists and educators.

Tom Ralabate, Professor and Immediate Past Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University at Buffalo

I have experienced first hand seeing people come out of their shells and break down walls that they were too afraid to let of go of while working with Gina. I have also found so many of her tools to be of great use to me whether it is in my professional life or in my personal relationships.

Chris Hale, Dance Coach

As a teenager with a passion for dance and school, Gina’s program taught me how to handle my stress, balance my time, and build my confidence. I feel happier with myself and my choices.

Bella Peavey, Dancer

Gina’s coaching has been extremely valuable in helping me find and maintain my focus, and clarify what it is that’s truly most important. It has helped me recognize and retrain patterns of thought which can slow or prevent growth, while also providing me with practical tools that I can use on a daily basis to keep me on my path to success.

Kristopher Bosch, CEO, Athletes Physiotherapy

I am healthier, physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually. After working with Gina, I can now recognize my purpose in life.

Marianna Sobral, Emotion Arts Company Owner

Gina’s wisdom and insight has not only helped me make choices in my dance career but also make choices in the way I think, I feel, and act in my everyday life.

Gemma Freitas, Professional Dancer and Mom

Working with Gina was an absolutely life changing process. She guided to to uncover and get to know the real person I am and that I am in charge of directing my life, “with ease and joy.

Lisa, Owner Onyx Wellness

Working with Gina gave me the confidence to pick the college of my dreams.

Ariel Gousak, George Mason, Dance Major and Kinesiology Minor, Professional Dancer

Our son mentioned to us on many occasions that his evolution was due to Gina. Her calm, fun, respectful and loving way to work with a 15 year old teenage boy made a remarkable difference. We are deeply grateful.

Krista Monson, Creative Vision Artist Director, Formerly Head of Casting Cirque du Soleil

Investing in Gina and her coaching program was a huge step in the direction of my best future making every corner of my life better. Gina is a gift!

Alexander Chung, World Renown Dance Choreographer and Artist

Gina has the rare gift of exquisitely guiding you to access your deepest truths. Her supportive and direct way of communicating allows you to take an honest look at your current situation and establish a path to reach the goals your heart most desires.

Jessika Maja Magnusson, Author, Executive Coach, CEO of Leadership Cadence

Gina’s Workshops helped me and my competitive dance daughter move through fear and anxiety before performing onstage!

Dawn Marie, Twelve16 Designs Owner

I have seen a positive change in our family unit, especially in our communication. Gina is forever a trusted advisor and voice in our family.

Juliet Moore, Microsoft

I am amazed at the insight I have gained about myself and who I really am! Gina has taught me several tools and practices that I started using right away that have really improved my daily life.

Megan Wilson, Life and Meditation Coach