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“Thank you for the classes this weekend. Today my daughter and I were able to work through the sadness of not receiving a scholarship much faster than in the past. We plan on making a list of things she would like to accomplish at the next convention excluding scholarship because she cannot control that. Thank you again!”

– Andrea Shafer Tidwell, Dance Parent

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“Gina, we implemented a lot of your positive techniques this weekend, and for the first time in quite a while Addison was able to make it to the stage for her solo without any tears. The last two competitions prior, her fears have almost stopped her in her tracks. I can’t wait for you to visit again and share more of your wisdom with us. It has truly helped my little dancer and I start to move past the anxiety and fear to a much more enjoyable competition experience.”

– Dawn Marie, Dance Parent

– Gabby Calderoni, Dance Teacher

“Before the Vision of you I was thinking a lot about whether I was going in the right direction In my life. I was
questioning a lot what is my next step. Now, I understand that I need to develop a true understanding of who I am;
what are my values, beliefs, and where I came from. After the Vision of you I have been focusing on knowing who
I am. What I enjoy and what makes me happy in life. I really want to know what I want to do with my life. I would
like to have a better sense of where I am going in my life.”

– Joanna Ramos, Dance Attack PC Parent

“I met Gina at Velocity Santa Clara in March 2017. After attending all 4 of her Parenting Skills lectures, I knew
instantly that in order to have a holistic and artistic experience in the dance community, my own vision needed
some attention as a dance parent. How to reduce stress and remain centered is what spoke most to me and right at
convention, I utilized tools and our daughter, said the best part of the convention was having a mom who was
“different”. I worked at being present and remaining aware.
2-Presently, we are nearing the completion of our 12 sessions and in 9 months Kiera, our daughter has become
more centered, grounded, joyful, free, unattached to outcome, creating space and gaining a greater sense of
awareness. One of her favorite tools, Heavy and Light when identifying how she is feeling. And now moving
towards choosing the feeling she wants to experience be it in dance, school, friendships, new adventures, etc. She
also, no longer apologizes when she has been recognized for her accomplishments. This was a significant hurdle,
to allow herself to fully embrace the Goodness and no lower her energy.
3. The future is filled with AND. This is an outstanding concept that Gina showed us and gave Kiera the power to
know about AND vs BUT. Gina, gave Kiera so many countless ways of exploring the AND in dance and other
pursuits and how to work towards balance. When one has the AND outlook the future feels more abundant.
Another tool is an Emotional Ladder and identifying the feelings about a circumstance or belief and how to move
through each step to raise one’s emotional state. This has been a true ally in our tool box.”

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– Juliet Moore, Dance Parent

“Taking a class with Gina is like opening your tool box and seeing your old
rusty dull tools shinny and sharpened.”
“What I have found valuable about Gina’s coaching is how she helps create
crystal clear clarity out of chaos.”
“In a few short months of coaching with Gina, I have seen a positive change
in our family unit. Our communication is better, the kids are receiving of the
change in our dialog, and we are having fun working through our Family
Vision. Gina isn’t just coaching us through our vision, but will be a forever
trusted advisor and voice in our family.”

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– Jennifer Robertson, Dance Parent

“Bringing Gina Pero into the Velocity team has been a blessing to so many including
myself and my daughter. The time Alexa has spent with Gina has allowed Alexa to
look deep within herself and understand her beliefs , her thoughts and her desires for
life. I don’t know if you have had a chance to hear the podcast this week but it is so
cool! And the inspiring quotes Gina has pulled from it are Alexa’s beliefs. Thank you
again and again and again.”

– Joanna Ramos/Rob Meighan Dance Attack PC Parents

“Gina Pero -An
absolute game changer and blessing. All four seminars continue to be a part of our narrative and daily routine.
Her unique ability to challenge held briefs and re-direct energy has made me a better mama in only 11 days.
When your child compliments you at the end of Velocity weekend, with you are different and even more supportive.
Keep on spreading the messageOne
dancer and family at a time.”

– Cathy Coyne, Dance Parent

“I just wanted to write to say what a pleasure it was to meet you and sit in on the parent seminars this past weekend
at Velocity. I have to say, that I have sat and listened to many motivational speakers and by far, I learned so much
from your seminar then I did in the many I have attended. It was truly an eye opening experience because I did not
realize the difference just wording something and how it can change the whole aspect of the conversation. So for
that, I thank you!
I am so happy I was able to introduce you to my daughter, Taylor. She loved meeting you and said that you were so
upbeat and bubbly.”

– Karla Steele, Dance Parent

“I am a mom of a 10 year old who is a student at ND in Omaha. I went to your parent meeting last fall and wanted to
thank you for your session. One thing that stuck with me but took awhile to apply was to make time for what I
needed as a mom. 3 months ago I joined a boot camp and have felt so much better ever since.”

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– Deja Stevens, University at Buffalo

“My name is Deja Stevens and I am a senior dance major at The University at Buffalo. I attended the class you
hosted two weeks ago for Mr. Ralabate. I wanted to contact you to say “thank you” for teaching such a wonderful
and inspiring class. As a Christian and college dancer it can be difficult to balance faith with academia; Your
message and words will stick with me for the rest of my time on this Earth. The manner in which you taught
technique was innovative and original, though I have performed all of the movements at some point in my life, I
have never been challenged to think about the moves in the way you instructed them. I admire your confidence,
and your entrepreneurial prowess. I sincerely enjoyed your class and I hope you will be back to inspire future UB
dancers. Thank you.”

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Ellie Soto

“Previous to the Vision of You, I was feeling stuck, a lack of clarity, and would often
find myself forgetting what my strengths were. Our weekly meetings quickly became
my favorite part of the week. They were something I looked forward to because I
knew how much better I would immediately feel and how much more clear my mind
would be. Since finishing the program, I have regained my confidence, felt more
focused and driven, and have had more success than ever in auditioning. Gina gave
me the tools to retrain my negative thought patterns and to be able to live in the
moment. My future and my goals are more clear than ever. I know what my gift is
and how I can share it with the world, which, when it all comes down to it, is the
reason we are even here in the first place :).”

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– Teddy Coffey So You Think You Can Dance, Season 11

“Gina is very thorough with her work, and helped me get ready for my future. Working with Gina is incredible because of her big heart that she offers all aspiring dancers. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to coach with her.”

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– Amy Jo Loveland Kikumoto

“Gina is a rockstar!!! She is absolutely Amazing and really LISTENS and
provides effective TOOLS to help you NOW! Thank you Gina!”

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– Megan Wilson

“I have loved working with Gina! I’m going through the Golden Path Individual
Coaching Program and I am amazed at the insight I have gained about myself and
who I really am! Gina has taught me several tools and practices that I started using
right away that have really improved my daily life. She says that she’ll teach you
how to live in ease, joy and grace and I absolutely am. I highly recommend Gina to
any woman looking to understand herself and her value on a deeper level. Gina also
understands the lifestyle of a self-motivated woman on-the-go, so her q

“Gina Pero’s coaching creates clarity throughout my life. Whatever it is I bring to my coaching session with Gina, she brings me on a journey to find a new and clearer understanding of myself, my journey, and my life. There has never been a time when I have left a coaching session with Gina that I have not felt refreshed and ready to accomplish everything. It is nice to have someone like her as my coach who does not judge what I say or who I am. Her wisdom and insight has not only helped me make choices in my dance career but also make choices in the way I think, I feel, and act in my everyday life.”

– Gemma Freitas, Graduate from Juilliard, Professional Dancer, Princess Grace Award

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“I began coaching with Gina because I was in need of more confidence and a positive frame of mind. As a dancer and student, I connected with Gina as a coach because she embodied what I wanted for myself. We shared similar struggles through our lives; therefore, we were able to connect on a deeper level. After over a year of working with Gina as my life coach, I have learned so much about myself. She has supplied me with endless tools to help me live my chosen life. I am currently attending The University of the Arts as a dance major. I can honestly say that without the help of Gina I would not have had the confidence to pursue my dreams of getting a college education in the arts field and becoming a professional dancer.”

– Taylor Woodie, University of the Arts, Dance Major

-Marianne Dalton
Professor, Brockport College

“Gina has an innate talent for putting the right kind of choreography to meet the ability of the students. She knows how to make students look their best with all of her talents. She is very special.”

-Lauri Lucas
Fitszimmons Dance factory

“Gina has such a way with our dance students to pull the best out of them and make them truly believe in themselves….myself and the girls are so blessed to have Gina in our lives…thank you from the bottom of my heart for your endless love of dance and sharing it with us all.”

-Chris Hale
Associate Director/Training Program Director: pushing progress

“Gina Pero brings so much light to everything she does. The work she does in dance and as a coach are truly transformative. I have actually experienced first hand seeing people come out of their shells and break down walls that they were too afraid to let of go of while working with Gina. I have also found so many of her tools to be of great use to me whether it is in my professional life or in my personal relationships. Gina is truly a gifted soul who is giving so much back to this world.”

-Calen Kurka Director, Pushing Progress

“Working with Gina in a workshop setting with our students was a truly transformative experience. She has an incredible ability to bring out the best in each individual, in a setting which allows them the comfort ability and support to look inside themselves and know their truth.”

-Kerry Ring Professor, University at Buffalo

“Gina’s dance class is geared for the mindful dancer. Discussion, experimentation, detailed awareness of alignment, and full-body movement are highlights of her class. Gina has sincere interest in the development of the individual dancer. As a beautiful professional performer herself, she strives to elevate the technical and performance level of her students.”

-Kristopher Bosch CEO, Athletes Physiotherapy

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Gina Pero for some time, and I can’t say enough about her as both a mentor and a friend. As a driven business owner, single father, and perpetual student I often find myself being pulled in many directions. Gina’s coaching has been extremely valuable in helping me find and maintain my focus, and clarify what it is that’s truly most important. It has helped me recognize and retrain patterns of thought which can slow or prevent growth, while also providing me with practical tools that I can use on a daily basis to keep me on my path to success. I initially sought out coaching with Gina because I thought would be helpful for my business, and I quickly realized the impact this has had on my entire life. I have much gratitude for Gina’s, her teaching, and the excitement of what’s to come!”

-Tom Ralabate
Professor and Immediate Past chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance at The University at Buffalo

“Gina Pero is one of the select few artists and educators that understand how the arts connect us to our humanity to make us decent human beings. She uses a passionate dance philosophy to inspire emerging artists to find their unique identity as performing artists and educators. Her seminars present a new artistic experience in giving insightful information that makes a difference. Our dance majors at University at Buffalo have found these sessions invaluable. Gina has a mission to inspire young people and she is making a difference in doing so.”

Katy Tombaugh CEO, Wellness Collective

“I have benefited greatly from my multiple coaching experiences with Gina. Her work is incredibly effective; she is able to offer immediate tools that empower me to make forward progress very quickly. Gina is a joy to work with, and I look forward to continued personal and professional growth as we work together.”

See what parents are saying

“I can see a huge difference in my daughter’s sparkle, confidence, and attitude. That’s what’s important to me as a father.”

– John M. Garner

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-Laurie Gonzalez

“Coaching helped my daughter increase her confidence, her positive outlook, her desire for consistent growth, and her willingness to meet all of her goals.”

-Jennifer Hannig

“I would like to express my gratitude to my daughter’s life coach, Gina Pero. My daughter has been dancing since 3 years old. She began competitive dance about age 10 and was really thriving, so I thought. As I watched others around her progressing, something was missing. We met Gina Pero through a seminar at her dance studio. I immediately knew that was the missing piece. Gino and Kaylee began a journey that would span well over a year. Through that time Kaylee saw tremendous growth both in dance and in her own spirit. The confidence she gained is priceless. Gina knew when to push and when to allow Kaylee the freedom to see her own way through a difficult time. We are blessed to have been put in the path of such a loving spirit as Gina. Kaylee is forever changed for the time they had together. If you are looking for that missing piece, let Gina Pero fill that spot in your life.”

-Colleen Piechota

“Gina is inspiring and motivating for people of all ages! Through her coaching and understanding of what side of the brain each person is dominant in she is able to create tools and techniques to enhance any skill you may have. My 12 year old daughter is a visionary learner and Gina has instilled great imagery techniques and tools to enhance not only her dance skills but also test taking skills for school and much more!”

-Krista Monson
Creative. Vision. Artist. Director. Formerly Head of Casting Cirque du Soleil

“Gina had been a personal friend of mine for over eight years when I called her for one of our long chats. She told me that her work as a life coach was taking her to work with teenagers and young people. At the time, our teenage son was going through the normal ups and downs of teenage self confidence. It was not a red light concern for my husband and me but we could see he could benefit to feel better about himself. Gina expressed that her methods were focused on honest conversation and having the client contribute equally to the discussion and not ‘therapy’ sessions. This resonated with my husband and I. We had no idea just how much of a positive impact Gina would have on his self confidence and personal development. Our son immediately appreciated his sessions with Gina and still uses the tools she taught him daily. In addition to meeting him at our home, she came to watch his basketball games. Our son mentioned to us on many occasions that his evolution was due to Gina. Her calm, fun, respectful and loving way to work with a 15 year old teenage boy made a remarkable difference. We are deeply grateful.”