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Are you a peak performer looking for real solutions to support your wellness in dance?


I know exactly what it feels like to be a peak performer and want the best results. From overcoming scoliosis at a young age to gracing the stage as A Radio City Rockette, and more.. I learned exactly what my body required to maintain an optimal mind body and spirit onstage and off. 

My mission with this page is to provide wellness education and resources for you to achieve wellness in dance!

How does it get any better than that!?

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The wellness center is not only a welcoming environment but an overall excellent experience. Being a dancer requires extra care for our minds and bodies, and the wellness center is the best place to go to get recharged in order to continue dancing. I noticed drastic improvements in my dancing after visiting the center and I wish I had gone sooner! I have no regrets taking time at the center for my mind and body and recommend dancers come and join in on the fun!!


I encourage you to find the button below that you feel most interested in AND I also encourage you to take the wellness assessment where you see fit to learn exactly where you are and what you will need to thrive even more.

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In 2021, Gina received divine guidance through a vision that showed up to her through a sound bowl session. She knew the message she was receiving was something she had to follow….little did she know she would be encouraging her soul partner Dr David Stella to expand his space and open a holistic center. So..Here we are with a mission to provide holistic services that can help people receive the energy their body requires to heal itself in mind body and spirit. Gina has had a passion for dance and helping dancers with their mental physical emotional and spiritual well-being for many years. A dream come true, she now has a safe loving facility where dancers from all around the globe can receive real health results quickly and efficiently to be and feel optimal on and off the stage! 

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The wellness center helps my teen dancer rejuvenate her mind and body before, during or after convention/competition and helps motivate her to care for her whole self. The center helps me as a parent know someone cares for my dancer and helps teach her to take care of her mind and body. They are my trusted partner!

– Michael zweighart

The holistic center and Gina Pero have helped me tremendously in my life, especially in dance. the holistic center helps my body to heal and recover in a safe and loving environment while Pina Pero gives me the strength to love everything around me and learn how to be confident and calm under the pressure of dance. I’m so grateful for these amazing tools I have learned to guide me through my life.

– Shannon and Emma Mather

The holistic center and coaching with Gina has helped me as a dancer in numerous ways. It is a place for me to learn how to be calm my mind and my body and gives me a moment to relax from a very full schedule. Every person there is so welcoming. Gina teaches me ways to nourish my body, brain , and spirit which keeps me doing what I love , which is dance.

– Harper

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I highly recommend the Las Vegas Holistic Center! My dancing daughter experienced a minor injury and through the efforts of the wellness center she was able to finish the week strong both mentally and physically. We are forever grateful to Dr Stella and Gina and look forward to visiting the center again this year!

– Heather and Ava LaFrance