You Are Invited!

The Peroettes Wellness Experience

Retreat 2024

A Soul-Fulfilling, Health Inspired, Purpose Driven Retreat to 

Turn Your Light Up in Mind, Body, and Spirit so you can create a loving, healthy, and heart centered calm year ahead.

July 28th – July 31st 2024


Arrive Sunday July 28th after 4pm
Depart Wednesday after 5pm


Las Vegas, NV (A Friends Home, 2 minutes from Gina’s House and the Wellness Center,  near Sandhill and Russell 89120). 

Rooms and bathrooms to be shared, pool, and a beautiful kitchen and living area. All Meals provided! 


**Full Body Wellness Assessment at The Las Vegas Holistic Center with a custom tailored wellness program for your 3 days with Dr Stella and Gina, this includes all of our technologies at the Wellness Center (LINK Here), 

**An Empowerment and Dance/Acting Class with Bonnie Story, an emmy award winning choreographer and teacher worldwide.

**A Dance Class Empowerment Experience with Cindy Reid, principal dancer and casting for AGT and more…

**Body work and Release with the magical Karen Turnbull, massage therapist and nutritionist

**Morning Meditation and cooking with Malia Stella to best prepare your year.

**All inclusive Chef Lela food for your stay , creating all organic food and treats for your 5 star optimal meals. 

**AND…. MORE!!!!!


Please click the “sign up now” button, there are 2 payment options,  pay in full or 3 Installments. (ONLY 15 Beds, 4 spots still Open)


Price is All inclusive, except travel to and from Las Vegas and any extra things you may want to purchase.
   $825 per person (Value: $2500)

Watch this video to see our wellness center!