You are ready to turn your light up in yourself and the world.

Dear Soul, You have been invited to The peroettes personal development program. 


you are a leader and are ready to claim and create your confidence Right now along your dance pathway! 

Check it out!

“I would recommend The Peroettes because it shapes an inner leader and presents for others to be inspired by to make change in the world. You learn true life skills that are necessary to be 100% energetic each day. You also meet other leaders who think similar to you. 

Before I was very shy when it came to meeting new friends or simply texting someone to meet up and talk. I would also get burned out from putting in over 100% and would feel a sense of anger when I didn’t achieve something right away.
Now I have found joy in doing the simple things like smiling when needed or complementing a person. I have also found myself being more communicative which was a goal I’ve been heading towards. I feel confident.”

– Olivia Battle


To Educate, Connect, and Inspire Heart-centered, Purpose Driven, Highly Creative Achievers and Performers connect to their present self and divine source of creation, so they can turn their light up in the world.


To create a safe and open space for highly creative achievers to feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are today, so the world can receive their artistic expression in raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet.


To stand for the beauty
within and turn self-abuse into self appreciation, comparison into originality, isolation into community and uncertainty into divine trust and soul alignment.

Dear High Achieving and Passion Driven Dancer,

I knew exactly what it felt like to be a high achieving, highly talented, and passionate dancer at your age and still feel

Is this connecting with you right now? 

If you answered YES,
This program is exactly for you and your high achieving mindset . It is essential for your talents and gifts to be seen and heard for what they can contribute to you and the world. 
YOU have a gift and its your time, to turn your light up!! 

Imagine what your life will feel like when you know how to easily…

Listen to your authentic self and choose what is best for you no matter what anyone else says

Connect with your inner voice and inner knowing so you can easily gain the clarity on the choices you make 

Raise your energy and vibration so you can feel confident and easily get all the things done you  must do with inner peace in mind body and spirit

Amp up your self care and self love so you can easily let go of judgements, expectations, and “perfectionista”

Love being who you are in this world and be able to shine your light without the fear of what others see or say

Choose your souls ultimate desires so you have the energy and ability to create exactly what you want NOW!

You Are A Leader!

Are you ready to turn your light up in the world and make an impact?

So Let’s Go! a 5 6 7 8….

Your purposeful 6-month program INCLUDES


Two 30-Minute Monthly Group Virtual Laser Focused Coaching/Training Sessions with Q&A opportunities to receive the personalized help that you need most. (Value: $150)

Two 30-Minute Virtual Empowerment Focused Recovery Sessions to set your high achieving weekly schedule up for easy and calm success. (Value: $150)

Monthly private check ins directly with Gina, the program founder, to provide additional encouragement support, and connection throughout the program. (Value: $150)


A Purposeful Planning Daily Guide to help you stay focused, clear, energized, and healthy… even when you’re dealing with stress, low esteem, and overwhelm. (Value: $75)

A private membership site each individual receives that is Easy to use so they can refer to any class again and again ($150)

Highly-desired “Minute to Win it” tools and exercises to fit into your busy lifestyle located on our one click APP. ($150)


Unlimited text/email communication to provide additional support (during business hours) (Value: Priceless)

Insta-Vibe-Daily Motivational Text Message with inspirational tips, embodiment techniques, and program reminders so you can retain the information. (Value $100)

All Ages Community Classes to help you build relationships and connections outside of your private group. (Value: $150)

Online meditations delivered 1x a week to help you quickly calm and center your nervous system accessed in our one click APP. (Value: $75)

Opportunity to activate your accountability partner so you can stay on track and get additional support from another program participant. (Value: $100)


Private Community App and membership area with 24/7 access of all recordings, educational resources, network connections, community contacts, course curriculum, guest teacher trainings, meditations, and everything else you need to ensure your success in the program (Value: Priceless)

Contact Information shared within the community and from our Guests to create long lasting connections

Interactive learning experience keeping you engaged, energized, and connected with like minded and hearted people

Extra Value

Special Guest Speakers and Trainers providing extra value and training.These high level experts are always aligned with the needs of the group (Value $300)

Gain access to Ginas’ Golden List of connections and leading edge resources including experts, articles, programs, and training (Value: $300)

Be a part of Mentors Making a Difference which is an incredible opportunity to feel supported and support others in their personal and professional growth

Be a part of our Activate your Accountability Partner which is receiving a partner your age to provide additional support and fun on your path

Leadership Certificate

Be awarded a Completion of Success Certificate that will remind you of your investment in YOURSELF and your leadership in the world. 

It’s bonus Time!!

Private 30 minute Jumpstart coaching call with Gina focused on creating a successful strategic plan customized for your needs (Value:$250)

One 45 minute Laser Focused Private Coaching Session with Gina that you can use anytime that you need to during the program year (Value: $300)

20%-50% savings on additional trainings and coaching)

Special Gifts and Savings from Guest Experts and Trainers (Value:$500 plus)

An exclusive hand-made gemstone bracelet designed by Joyce Vitug, a reiki master and healer, providing our community with a way to stay connected and reminded that anything is possible. (Value $75)