You Are Invited!

“I felt confused and anxious before joining this community, and now I am clearer and more relaxed in my life and on my path. This program has opened my eyes to see what’s possible.”

Libby Brooks
Dance Major – Purpose Peroette


part of


Are you ready to be a part of a community turning your light up in the world through your gift of dance?

Are you a dancer between the ages of 13-16 who wants to claim your confidence?

Are you a junior or senior in high school who wants to know what the exact next steps are?

Are you going to college for dance or in the dance industry and want to know how to have a successful long term career in dance?

Are you a professional dancer wanting to learn more about becoming the CEO of your dance career?

Are you a dancer experiencing scoliosis?

Are you a dance teacher or coach who wants to soulfully transform your life and your students lives?

Are you a dance parent or guardian who wants to know exactly how to support your child in dance?

If you answered YES to any ONE of these questions, then applying now is your next step!

Someone invitedYOU because they felt you have exactly what it takes to be a Peroette.

They see a “light” within you that is ready to shine.

Your time is now!


To inspire and educate 13-16 year old highly trained and motivated dancers create the confidence they need to shine their light on and off the stage.


To create a safe and open space for dancers ages 13-16 to feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are today, so the world can receive their artistic gifts and expression.


To create simple, effective, and efficient proven processes for dancers ages 13-16 to create and claim the confidence and receive the necessary steps, strategies, and resources they need on and off the stage so they can live each day with ease, joy, and grace.

“Gina helped me see what was possible for my dance education and dream by giving me tools to build my confidence and handle my stress as a high achiever.”

Taylor Woodie
University of the Arts, Dance Major