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The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out

The Gina Pero Show inspires audiences worldwide to start living life full out with feeling. Her vast knowledge, valuable information and real-life stories create an experience that will ignite awareness into your heart and soul.

Gina Pero has turned her pain from obstacles such as a brain injury, scoliosis, and reverse bullying into her purpose in serving others.  Going behind the curtain to learn about her and others personal experiences, influences, and triumphs will empower you to take action on the life you really want. The Gina Pero show will feature dialogue from family, professional colleagues, industry experts, and celebrity guests as she goes beyond one’s achievements and into the journey each individual took to arrive at their current destination.

Are you ready to start living life full out?

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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Gina Pero: Introduction and Story 6/21/2016 - 3 Listens
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An in depth interview with Gina Pero, The Creator and Host of The Gina Pero Show: Living Life Full Out.

Laci Urcioli, president of Swell Story Media and Podcast Expert, takes Gina through a series of questions allowing her audience to get to know her story, her “why “behind the show, and share the moments that she started to live full out with feeling. As you get to know Gina, you will be encouraged to listen each week as she takes on a journey  through real life stories that create connection to and from the human heart.

Gina shares her pain in overcoming scoliosis, not getting hired her 4th season as a Radio City Rockette, amongst the importance of her team while following her passion for dance. Her faithful living will expand your perspective and her genuine heart will leave you with a smile. Get ready to get inside The mind, body , and spirit of The Gina Pero Show.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Gina Pero: Teachable Moments 6/22/2016 - 2 Listens
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Intro Episode: Tools and ways for you and your loved ones to live full out with feeling.

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A : Small Town, Faith, Auditions 6/24/2016 - 1 Listens
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The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Gina Pero: Radio City Rockette Interview 12/20/16 - 1 Listens
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Gina is interviewed by Grace Dale, an aspired Radio City Rockette on her very own experience on and off the stage.
The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero 10 lessons from being a Radio City Rockette 12/21/16 - 1 Listens
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Our host Gina Pero, a former 3 year Radio City Rockette and Gabrielle Del Re Klug, a former 18 year Radio City Rockette take you through their life lessons on and off the Great Stage.
The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Q & A: Rockettes 12/23/16 - 1 Listens
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Q & A: Rockettes

What is work week like?
What is a tool for mental strength?
What is a step to trusting yourself?
How do you handle the rest of your life while performing as a Rockette?

The Gina Pero Show by Gina Pero Final Words 2017 11/28/17 - 6 Listens
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Gina gives thanks and shares her 2017 awareness’s. This is the last episode for 2017 before the transformation of The Gina Pero Show begins a brand new platform this 2018. Stay tuned!