Personal Development  Program

Ages 8-25


To Educate, Connect, and Inspire Heart-centered, Purpose Driven, Highly Creative Achievers and Performers connect to their present self and divine source of creation, so they can turn their light up in the world.


To create a safe and open space for highly creative achievers to feel seen, heard, and loved for who they are today, so the world can receive their artistic expression in raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet.


To stand for the beauty
within and turn self-abuse into self appreciation, comparison into originality, isolation into community and uncertainty into divine trust and soul alignment.

I highly recommend this program because it allows performers to connect what we love to do with tools that make us well rounded human beings set up for success in the real world. 

Gina’s ability to connect with everyone she works with and truly push them to grow and be a better version of themselves is something truly incredible and inspirational!

– Sammi O Connor , 3 Peroette Seasons, Currently at PACE 

Each Group Program is specifically tailored by age & dance pathway 
for brain & body development purposes.

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My daughter was seeking connection with like minded high achieving and spiritual friends. This program has helped her increase her resiliency and self care.

– Joanna Ramos, Pendulum Pilates, Los Gatos Ballet 







A Personal Development Dance Community

The Peroettes began in 2014 with a mission of helping youth, high achieving dancers, turn their stresses in dance into an easy and fun lifestyle. Gina Pero, the founder of The Peroettes, voluntarily taught eight teenage dancers life skills so that they could be confident in who they were, manage their time efficiently, have hands on experiences with career paths, have easy ways to calm their nerves, handle rejection, decrease anxiety, and learn to enjoy who they were on and off the stage. For six months, Gina and these eight brilliant, young artist adventured throughout Las Vegas, learning, living, and loving themselves and their passions. Some of their memorable highlights were being able to start the Bellagio water show and learn how the fountains ran. Another moment was watching a Cirque de Soleil rehearsal, and hearing what the artistic directors job was and her path into that job. Gina wanted to show these youth artists the possibilities and pathways that existed for their youth dreams.

This was just the beginning!

In 2020, Gina received divine guidance to turn her soulful gifts into a soulful community. She knew that this message must be turned into a reality. Within three days of receiving this guidance, Gina reached out to individuals in the dance community that she felt had a soul connection to dance and in turn also wanted to make a difference in the world. By the start of September 2020, thirty individuals ages 12-60 were ready, willing and able to ignite their passion for dance and make a twelve month commitment into their self education.

Learn Gina’s Why

You can experience this too!

This program is so helpful to learn everything Gina teaches us. Gina has a helping soul , she knows her purpose and shares it with the world. I appreciate all the help and support tools that keep me going on my dance journey. 

– Josephine Zarzosa
Professional Dancer

I would recommend The Peroettes because It is the perfect way to grow in yourself while at the same time growing with others who have the same mission as you in life. I have met amazing humans through this program and I am constantly inspired by them and Gina.
Before joining,I felt like I had always been a genuinely happy person but I definitely needed a community like this to build me up.
Now I feel much more confident in myself as a leader, able to lead my team and this program has helped me build up
the qualities others.

– Sophia Hoyos
Dance Student


Gina Pero

CEO and Founder

Dr. David Stella

Director of Health & Wellness

Yuka Sugiura

Neuroperformance Coach

Karen Turnbull

Fresh Start Nutrition


Bart Doerfler 

Dance Empowerment/Career Strategy

Dance Empowerment and Career Strategies

Christina Donaldson

Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

Thoughts, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness


Alexander Chung & Jasmine Mason

How to Stay Inspired

Nancy Benitez

Founder of Manifest

Mindfulness Eating: 3 Ways to Honor Your Body

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The Keys to our Dance Reality

Jennifer Aks-Newman

Movement Coach, Story Producer

Ronda Renee

Designing Your Divine Profits Business: Make the difference and the money you were meant to!

AmondaRose Igo

Speaking Success Strategist

Natalie Ledwell

Co-Founder of Mind Movies

How to Create Anything You Want

Dana Wilson

Dancer, Choreographer, Coach

How to Process Negative Emotions


Aubrie Jones

HADCO Staffing Solutions

Best Practices in the Job Application Process

Jeanette Anderson

Founder of Bodacity

Knowing Your Why

Joyce Vitug

Jewelry Designer & Creator

Guided Intention Meditation


Megan Wilson

Activate Your Anthem Founder

The Reframe Game

Andrea Isaacs

Speaker, Trainer, Coach

What Do Emotions Have to Do With It?

Cindy Reid

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And the essential 2022 portfolio to succeed


Jeremy Hudson

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

From Attention to Intention: Choosing Soul Alignment


Jana Danielson

Founder of Lead

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