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Each Workshop is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your dancers, dance teachers and dance parents

Simonson Dance Technique

Simonson Technique is an organic and holistic approach to movement. Each “body” is looked at and seen on an  individual basis, knowing that everyone has a different structure achieving its alignment. The 6 principals focused on are: stretching, skeletal placement and alignment, weight placement, breath, plie’, the mind/body connection. Verbal Cueing is designed to specifically so the brain can message the body its action quickly, easily, and effectively. 

“Gina Pero is one of the select few artists and educators that understand how the arts connect us to our humanity to make us decent human beings. She uses a passionate dance philosophy to inspire emerging artists to find their unique identity as performing artists and educators.”

Tom Ralabate

Gina’s Workshops NOW!

Each Workshop is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the audience.  Gina focuses on these elements: Empowerment, Education, and Energy. These 3 components achieve quick, easy, and efficient results. Gina’s innovative approach through her mastery in strategy, communication, and intuition creates a safe, open, and fun space for everyone. 

“We learned so many powerful yet simple tools and techniques to nourish, vitalize, restore, inspire, empower, and connect, that reach beyond my own and my daughter’s life and dance journey.

Joanna Ramos 

Creating Confidence

 in our Youth 

Gina’s passion for bringing “coaching techniques” into the dance classroom has led her to teaching thousands of youth dancers over the last 20 years.  “When I learned these proven alignment pathways and became a coach I knew my purpose was to make it accessible and easy for youth dancers to understand.” 

“After working with Gina, I feel very prepared, grounded, and confident with who I am and my decisions. I have gained endless amounts of tools to help me cope with every up and down in my life.”

Sammi O Connor

This is what they say

“Gina is a rockstar!!!

She is absolutely an Amazing speaker and really LISTENS and provides effective TOOLS to help you NOW!

Amy Jo Loveland Kikumoto

Dance Teacher

I have experienced first hand seeing people come out of their shells and break down walls that they were too afraid to let go of while working with Gina.

Chris Hale

Associate Director Pushing Progress

We learned so many powerful yet simple tools and techniques to nourish, vitalize, restore, inspire, empower, and connect, that reach beyond my own and my daughter’s life and dance journey.

Joanna Ramos

Pendulum Pilates


Claim Your Dancer’s
Confidence Now!

The 6 Quick Fix Confidence
Boosters to Increase Your
Dancer’s Self Esteem
Right NOW!

●  Identify the 6 Must Have Confidence Boosters

  Learn Easy and Practical Ways to Implement Them Right Away

Learn How to Retain them through movement, sharing, and writing

Intuitive & Impactful
Classroom Results

Clear steps to ensure
your students receive
your desired results faster…
and with more ease.

●  Identify the top 3 Coaching Strategies that lead to quick results

  Learn How to Easily use them right away in the classroom

Learn the 3 fastest steps to Inspire and Impact

Activate Your Whole
Body Alignment

 The 4 Whole Body Pathways to
alignment that jumpstart your
students into knowing exactly how
to move their bodies.

●  Identify the 4 Key Body Alignment Pathways

  Learn How to Easily Activate your Body Alignment and with ease

Learn the 5 Verbal Cues That will align your mind body spirit ASAP

“Gina es an elite mover and thinker who is sensitive to learning styles and talents of each individual student. She thoughtfully taps into the variety of student learning styles, combining appropriate methodologies and the creative process to reach her students. With an open mind, she embraces new theories and approaches to understanding the tri-disciplinary connection of dance history, somatic practice, and pedagogy. Gina engages the students on a physical and psychosocial level. Her positive spirit, combined with her versatile knowledge of the form, define her as an effective teacher”

Jeanne Fornarola

Associate Clinical Professor Director of Dance, Department of Theater and Dance

Emotional Support

The 5 Surefire Strategies
to emotionally support your
dancers NOW to bring
forth their BEST!

●  Identify the 6 Emotional Support Secrets

  Learn How to Easily Use Them

●  Learn How to Quickly Help Yourself and Others Raise their Energy and Vibe

Mental Strength

Discover the Quickstart guide
to mental strength
and a motivational

●  Identify the 5 Blocks to Mental Strength

  Identify what Motivation is for You

●  Learn How to Create a Daily Habit to Improve Your Motivational Mindset Right Now

Optimal Onstage
Results Now!

The top 5 keys to optimal
onstage results that
leave your dancer
feeling fulfilled.

●  Identify the 5 Keys to Optimal Onstage Results

  Learn How to Learn and Retain these 5 Keys Quickly

●  Learn How to Begin Feeling Fulfilled each time you are Onstage

Gina’s is working with teachers, particularly on developing a cogent progression of skills for any dance class and focusing on the verbal language cues that create immediate shifts in alignment, elongation, and spiral. Beyond knowing what to do, Gina helps teachers express their knowledge with verbal precision and clarity. Her understanding of brain science and precise anatomical training is valuable knowledge that makes her approach accessible and relevant to teachers of any dance genre.”

Jeanine Collins
Dance Educator & Leader in Education

Goodby Fear,
Hello Empowerment

How to get you
from fear to
in 3 easy steps!

●  Identify what and where Fear Is

  Learn How to begin easily moving from Fear to Love

●  Learn a Quick Proven Process that You can Use each day to move through any Fear

Claim Your Parental

How to get you from
the comparison
default to confidence

●  Identify Your Exact Block to Confidence

  Learn how to Easily Move through that Block

●  Learn Your 3 Easy and Practical Daily Steps to be your confident Self


Discover a quick way to connect to your body and soul every time you dance and teach… and bring passion back into what you do.

●  A Movement Class Focusing on 5 Alignment Pathways

  Embody How to Increase Your Self-Awareness and Self -Knowing

●  Experience an Abundance of Ease and Joy