Gina Pero chooses to live life full out no matter what.  At the age of 12, a huge unexpected obstacle appeared in her vision. Gina was diagnosed with severe scoliosis.

“The doctor sounded like I was never going to live my dreams as a professional dancer,” Gina said.  He expressed the severity of the situation. “I felt like I was not good enough, I was in a lot of pain, and I had to wear a back brace to school every day.”

“There was a lot of physical and emotional pain during the ages of 12-19.  In my mind, my self-talk defeated me, ‘Gina you will never have what you want.’ “Gina, you will be in pain forever.”  She thought pain was normal, she thought she would never be happy with the way she looked. Her thoughts were wrong!

She was able to persevere through her faith and dance.  She asked God to show her life’s plan and kept a positive attitude and outlook on life that to this day she holds onto.  Dance was her saving grace and the only time Gina was able to take her back brace off and self-express her feelings, emotions, and freedom.  This is was her medicine.


Gina was a Radio City Rockette from 2008-2010 and many people looked at her including herself, as she was at the top of her game.  In 2009, Gina was knocked out backstage and given an unconscious concussion and spinal injury.  “I thought I was ok, until I was unable to text a sentence on the way to the ER.”  Gina discovered through her recovery that there was more to life than a kick-line.  “Learning is something I value in my life and I have always been on a journey of finding purpose in everything I do.  I knew I had a bigger game to play in this lifetime.  I knew I was here to inspire and educate others,” she said.  “I knew I was here to turn my pain into purpose.”

Gina took brain courses to recover and this led her path to finding a free intro to coaching class.  She immediately got certified as a professional coach and then paralleled that with a certification in Simonson dance technique.  This technique is used to help people understand their individual alignment in mind, body, and spirit.

“Waking up each day living in my passion and purpose at the age of 36 is worth every experience I have had.  Knowing and understanding yourself is the greatest gift you can invest in.  YOU are worth more than any object you are willing to buy at any store.”

From pain to purpose


Gina’s mission is to share her story and obstacles with the world.  She is committed to coaching others going through similar experiences to help them persevere through them.

Gina quotes, “Standing in your presence leads your passion into purpose.”  She says that knowing yourself fully is the foundation for you to find what lights you up (your passion), and as you are trusting in your passion to lead you, your purpose (serving others) shows up.

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